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Transport and Parking


Please use the Trinity Road car park in the centre of the village which is free on Sundays.  This year's open gardens are primarily in the Cuckfield Road / High Street / Albourne Road area (near the Church) and there is no parking at any of the gardens.


If you wish to drive to Goldbridge House and Cottage, there will now be plenty of parking available (at own risk) in the field opposite the house.





If you fancy the breeeze in your hair and seeing the sights as you travel, then the Trishaw (cycle rickshaw) aka 'Bunty 'is the answer.  Pilots Bridget or Paul will pedal you along as you sit nice and cosy in front.  (A good way to carry any heavy plants between gardens too.)  Bunty will be available - on demand - between Holy Trinity Church and College Lane.

Feel free to hail her. Service is free of charge but feel free to give donation at any garden.


Limousine service £2.00 to cover all journies in Limo or Minibus.

Freeman Bros. is providing a sleek limousine and driver for the afternoon also leaving from Trinity Road car park - if you are feeling like you would like to be chauffered to your open garden, just ask Russell, the driver and enjoy being in the lap of luxury.

A fee of £1 covers the cost of as many journies as your like in the limo or mini-bus.


Minibus service

This year, Hurstpierpoint College is kindly providing a minibus and driver for the afternoon.  (Route to be published here soon but will start at Trinity Road car park). The costs will be £2 for as many journeys as you like. The bus will be leaving Trinity Road Car Park at 1.00 p.m. then every 30 minutes with the minibus leaving the car park at 5.00 p.m. for a final pick-up.  


They will then go round the gardens in the order listed below.  (Estimated that the bus will take about 20 minutes to get to the last stop (on the High Street) before returning to Trinity Road Car Park but this will depend on the number of people getting on and off at each stop.  Pick up and drop off points are listed below.  There will be balloons at the bus stops.




Garden                                                           Where bus will pick up / drop off

Details to follow                                






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